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This Very Instant

Lisa and Arthur can only see each other one time per year.
He spends his life looking for her…
…she spends hers waiting.

Lisa dreams of becoming an actress. She works in a bar in Manhattan to pay her way through acting school. One evening she meets Arthur Costello, a young ER doctor. They have an immediate connection.
Lisa will do anything to seduce him. In a city full of relentless mazes she risks everything. But Arthur is not like other men. He soon reveals to Lisa the terrible truth that prevents him from loving her:

“What is happening is inconceivable yet true…”

In a New York more unpredictable than ever, Arthur and Lisa couple their destinies in order to escape from the traps set by the most ruthless of enemies: time.

A dizzying psychological thriller with a staggering ending.

What the press is saying
  • “Our own French Stephen King manages to catch us by surprise with each page we turn.”

    Stéphane Bern, RTL
  • “Guillaume Musso persists and signs, he is rightly the master of suspense.”

    Le Figaro
  • “An efficient novel that can be read in less than 24 hours, and which ending would be criminal to reveal.”

    Marianne Payot, L’Express
all Reviews
  • “The suspense is as ingenious as vertiginous. It is hard to put This very Instant down, until the very end, overwhelming. Maybe his best book so far.”

    Jérôme Vermelin, Métronews
  • “Virtuoso ! A very pleasurable reading.”

    Michel Field, Au Field de la Nuit

  • “One of his most spectacular ending, and for sure one of the most heartrending!”

    Bernard Lehut, RTL
  • “A diabolical suspense. We won’t say anything else, except that Musso’s books are getting better and better.”


    Hervé Bertho, Ouest France
This Very Instant around the world

Sold in 13 languages:

  • Bosnia: Hercegovina Izdavastvo
  • Bulgaria: Iztok Zapad
  • China: Hachette Phoenix
  • Germany: Piper
  • Korea: Balgunsesang
  • Lithuania: Baltos Lankos
  • Macedonia: Toper
  • Montenegro: Nova Knjiga
  • Netherlands: Bruna
  • Poland: Albatros
  • Russia: Eksmo
  • Serbia: Vulkan
  • Vietnam: Nha Nam
  • China: Hachette Phoenix